Republic of China Navy Taiwan currently operates 26 S-2T, not all operational (upgrade from S-2E and S-2G, will be replaced by 12 rebuilt P-3C Orions from US Navy).

Grumman S-2T Turbo Tracker

Grumman received a contract for the conversion of 32 S-2T Trackers (from 25 S-2Es and 7 S-2Gs) in service with the Republic of China Air Force in late 1980s. Only 27 were ultimately converted due to a shortage of parts supplied by Grumman resulting in the use of remaining conversion kits as spare parts. The 27 S-2Ts were transferred to the ROC Navy Aviation Command on 1 July 1999 and while the ROCN continues to operate the type, less than half of the fleet is in operational condition, will be replaced by 12 rebuilt P-3C from US Navy.

The conversion involved: two Garrett/Honeywell TPE-331-15AW turboprop engines, each rated at 1,227 kW (1,645 shp), with four-blade propellers. The upgrade also included new mission equipment of AN/AQS-92F digital sonobuoy processor, A/NARR-84 99-channel sonobuoy receiver, Litton AN/APS-504 radar, AN/ASQ-504 MAD and AN/AAS-40 FLIR. The new turboprop engines resulted in a payload increase of 500 kg. Usually carries depth charges, Mk. 44, and Mk 46 lightweight ASW homing torpedoes.

Grumman S-2F Tracker Specifications

General characteristics

Crew: four (two pilots, two detection systems operators)

Length: 43 ft 6 in (13.26 m)

Wingspan: 72 ft 7 in (22.12 m)

Height: 17 ft 6 in (5.33 m)

Wing area: 485 ft² (45.06 m²)

Empty weight: 18,315 lb (8,310 kg)

Loaded weight: 23,435 lb (10,630 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 26,147 lb (11,860 kg)

Powerplant: 2× Wright R-1820-82WA radial engines, 1,525 hp (kW) each


Maximum speed: 280 mph (450 km/h) at sea level

Cruise speed: 150 mph (240 km/h)

Range: 1,350 mi (2,170 km) or 9 hours endurance

Service ceiling: 22,000 ft (6,700 m)


4,800 lb (2,200 kg) of payload could be carried in the internal bomb bay and on 6× under-wing hardpoints

Torpedoes: Mk. 41, Mk. 43, Mk. 34, or Mk. 44

Depth charges: Mk. 54 or naval mines

綜合參考資料:维基百科,Photo by eairforce


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