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Hundreds of these aircraft were operated by the People's Liberation Army Air Force and People's Liberation Army Navy Air Force. Originally equipped with Soviet-built aircraft, the Chinese began full production of the H-5 by 1965. A small number may remain for use in secondary roles.

Chinese variants

Harbin H-5 – (Hongzhaji - bomber) Chinese bomber version.

Harbin H-5A - Speculative designation of nuclear capable H-5 variant.

Harbin HD-5 – (Hongzhaji Dian - bomber/electronic reconnaissance) Chinese ECM/ESM version.

Harbin HJ-5 – (Hongzhaji Jiaolianji - bomber trainer)Chinese trainer version.

Harbin HZ-5 - (Hongzhaji Zhenchaji - bomber/reconnaissance) Long-range reconnaissance version.

Harbin B-5 – Export designation of the H-5

Harbin B-5R - Export version of HZ-5 long range photo reconnaissance version

Harbin BT-5 - Export version of the HJ-5.

Harbin H-5 Ying (Ying - eagle) Avionics testbed for Xian JH-7 programme.

Shenyang/CAE H-5B - Speculative designation for the H-5 re-engined with WS-5 aft-fan engines.

Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle


General characteristics

Crew: Three (pilot, bombardier, gunner)

Length: 17.60 m (57 ft 9 in)

Wingspan: 21.50 m (70 ft 6 in)

Height: 6.70 m (22 ft 0 in)

Wing area: 60.8 m² (654 ft²)

Empty weight: 11,890 kg (26,210 lb)

Loaded weight: 17,700 kg (39,000 lb)

Max takeoff weight: 21,200 kg (46,700 lb)

Powerplant: 2× Klimov VK-1 turbojets, 26.5 kN ()5,955 lbf each


Maximum speed: 900 km/h (486 kn, 560 mph)

Range: 2,180 km (1,177 nmi, 1,350 mi)

Service ceiling: 12,300 m (40,400 ft)

Rate of climb: 900 m/min (2,950 ft/min)

Wing loading: 291 kg/m² (59.6 lb/ft²)

Thrust/weight: 1:3.2


Guns: 4 × Nudelman NR-23 cannons (2 in nose and 2 in tail barbette)

Bombs: 3,000 kg (6,600 lb) of bombs in internal bay

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