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L-20 / U-6 Beaver DeHavilland formerly L -20 came into army system in 1951. In 1962 the L-20 was designated the U-6. The U-6A "Beaver" was manufactured by deHavilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd. Nearly 1,700 DHC-2 Beavers were built by DeHavilland Canada between 1947 and 1967 The L-20A saw USAF service in both the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War.

The Beaver was designed as an all-purpose utility capable of being equipped with wheels, skis, standard floats, or amphibious floats. A later development, MK III, has a turboprop engine. One of the most successful bushplanes ever, in 1987 the Beaver was chosen as one of Canada's ten most important engineering achievements of the century.

De Havilland L-20/U-6 Beaver

Specifications :

Engines: One 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN Wasp Junior radial piston engine.

Weight: Empty 2,850 lbs., Max Takeoff 5,100 lbs.

Wing Span: 48ft. 0in.

Length: 30ft. 4in.

Height: 9ft. 0in.


Maximum Speed: 140 mph

Cruise Speed: 110 mph

Range: 770 miles

Armament: None.


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