Design by eweapon

JF-17 Thunder / FC-1 Xiaolong


General characteristics

Crew: 1

Length: 14.0 m (45.9 ft)

Wingspan: 9.45 m (including 2 wingtip missiles) (31 ft)

Height: 4.77 m (15 ft 8 in)

Wing area: 24.4 m² (263 ft²)

Empty weight: 6,411 kg (14,134 lb)

Loaded weight: 9,100 kg including 2× wing-tip mounted air-to-air missiles (20,062 lb)

Max takeoff weight: 12,700 kg (28,000 lb)

Powerplant: 1× Klimov RD-93 turbofan

Dry thrust: 49.4 kN (11,106 lbf)

Thrust with afterburner: 84.4 kN (18,973 lbf)

G-limit: +8.5 g

Internal Fuel Capacity: 2300 kg (5,130 lb)


Maximum speed: Mach 1.8 (1,191 knots, 2,205 kph)

Combat radius: 1,352 km (840 mi)

Ferry range: 3,000 km (2,175 mi)

Service ceiling: 16,700 m (54,790 ft)

Thrust/weight: 0.99


Guns: 1× 23 mm GSh-23-2 twin-barrel cannon (can be replaced with 30 mm GSh-30-2)

Hardpoints: 7 in total (4× under-wing, 2× wing-tip, 1× under-fuselage) with a capacity of 3,629 kg (8,000 lb) external fuel and ordnance

Rockets: 57 mm, 90 mm unguided rocket pods


Air-to-air missiles:

Short range: AIM-9L/M, PL-5E, PL-9C

Beyond visual range: PL-12 / SD-10

Air-to-surface missiles:

Anti-radiation missiles : MAR-1

Anti-ship missiles: AM-39 Exocet

Cruise missiles: Ra'ad ALCM


Unguided bombs:

Mk-82, Mk-84 general purpose bombs

Matra Durandal anti-runway bomb

CBU-100/Mk-20 Rockeye anti-armour cluster bomb

Precision guided munitions (PGM):

GBU-10, GBU-12, LT-2 laser-guided bombs

H-2, H-4 electro-optically guided,LS-6 satellite-guided glide bombs

Satellite-guided bombs


Up to 3 external fuel drop tanks (1× under-fuselage 800 litres, 2× under-wing 800/1100 litres each) for extended range/loitering time


NRIET KLJ-7 multi-mode fire-control radar

Night vision goggles (NVG) compatible glass cockpit

Helmet Mounted Sights/Display (HMS/D)

Infra-Red Search and Track (IRST)

Externally mounted avionics pods:

Self-protection radar jammer pod

Day/night laser designator targeting pod

Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) pod

Data from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex


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