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Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter

The Northrop F-5A was developed from the very successful T-38 Talon trainer. The U.S. Air Force funded the initial F-5A aircraft in an effort to make available to friendly foreign governments a lightweight multi-mission aircraft capable of speeds in the area of Mach 1.4.

The late 1960s saw the F-5A serving around the world in the dayfighter defence role. A basically simple aircraft, the F-5A proved to be the ideal machine to bring the supersonic military experience to less advanced nations. In this capacity it worked out well and remained in this capacity through the 1980s, the standard fighter of many countries as more advanced aircraft such as the F-16 and F-5E came into production.

Republic of China Air Force: First received the F-5A and B in 1965. From 1973 to 1986, Taiwan produced 308 F-5E and Fs under license. Later batches have F-20 style flattened nose and enlarged LERX.

Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter


Origin: USA

Type: light tactical fighter

Max Speed: 802 kt / 924 mph

Max Range: 2594 km / 1,612 miles

Dimensions: span 7.70 m / 25 ft 3 in,length 14.38 m / 47 ft 2 in, height 4.01 m / 13 ft 2 in

Weight: empty 3,667 kg / 8,085 lb,maximum take-off 9,374 kg / 20,667 lb

Powerplant: two 1850-kg (4,080-lb) afterburning thrust General Electric J85-GE 13 turbojets

Armament: two 20-mm M39 cannon with 280 rounds per gun; provision for 1996 kg (4,400 lb) of disposable stores, including AAMs, bombs, cluster bombs, rocket-launcher

Operators: Botswana (F-5A/B), Greece, Morocco, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Yemen, Taiwan


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