Saab JAS 39A Gripen Specifications

Dimensions: Length 46 ft 3 in (14.10 m) excl. pitot tube [JAS 39B: 48 ft 6 in (14.8 m)]; Height 14 ft 9 in (4.50 m); Wing Span 27 ft 7 in (8.40 m); Wing Area 322.92 sq ft (30.00 sq m)

Engines: One Volvo Flygmotor RM12 turbofan (General Electric F404-GE-400) rated at 12,140 lb st (54.00 kN) dry and 18,100 lb st (80.51 kN) with afterburning

Weights: Operating Empty 14,770 lb (6,700 kg) [JAS 39B: 15,430 lb (7,000 kg)]; Normal Take-off about 17,639-18,739 lb (8,000-8,500 kg); Maximum Take-off 28,000 lb (12,700 kg)

Armament: 27-mm Mauser BK27 cannon semi-recessed under centre fuselage next to port air intake with 120 rounds, wingtip launch rails for Rb 74 (AIM-9L) Sidewinder or similar missiles, four underwing hardpoints and one under-fuselage centre-line pylon for a maximum of 14,330 lb (6500 kg).

Performance: Maximum level speed 'clean' Mach 2.0 at high altitude, Mach 1.15 at low level; Maximum rate of climb at sea level classified; Time to 33,000 ft (10,000 m) 2 mins; Service ceiling classified; Ferry range 1,619 nm (1,864 mls, 3,000 km) with drop tanks, Combat radius for interception 486 nm (559 mls, 900 km) at high altitude with typical stores load and external fuel, for air-to-surface 648 nm (746 mls, 1200 km) in hi-lo-hi mission with with typical stores load and external fuel, or 405 nm (466 mls, 750 km) all low altitude with typical stores load and external fuel.

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