F-22 Raptor Specifications

Primary Function: Fighter, air dominance

Contractor: Boeing and Lockheed Martin

Crew: Model F-22A will carry one crewperson

Unit Cost: N/A


Two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 engines (155.69 kN / 35,000 lb st with afterburning each)


Length: 62 ft 1 inch

Wingspan: 44 ft 6 inches

Height: 16 ft 5 inches


Empty: N/A

Maximum Takeoff: 60,000 lb (27216 kg)


Speed: Mach 2 class

Ceiling: 50,000 ft (15240 m)

Range: N/A


One internal M61A2 20-mm cannon, three internal weapons bays, underside bay for four AIM-120A AMRAAMs and two lateral intake bays each with two AIM-9M sidewinder AAMs. Revised bays for 1,000 lb JDAMs replacing two AIM-120s and AIM-9X AAMs. Four underwing stores stations with provision for two AGM-137A Tri-Service Standoff Arrack Missiles and / or fuel tanks.

Data from Global Aircraft


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