Photo by Tsubasa Nagai

Hawk Air Defense System


Service: Marine Corps

Contractor: Raytheon

Mission: surface-to-air missile defense


Length: 12.5 feet (3.81 meters)

Diameter: 13.5 inches (3.84 centimeters)

Weight: 1400 pounds (635 kilograms)

Range: Officially: 14.9 miles (24 kilometers)
40 km, in excess of 20 NM

Speed: Officially: Supersonic
800 m/sec, in excess of mach 2.4

Altitude: Officially: 30,000 feet (9.14 kilometers)
in excess of 60 KFT

Propulsion: Solid propellant rocket motor

Guidance system: Radar directed semi-active homing

Warheads: One 300 pound (136.2 kg) high explosive missile

Type of fire: Operator directed/automatic modes

Magazine capacity: 48 missiles/battery

Missile guidance: Semi-active homing

Target detection: Continuous wave radar and pulse acquisition radars

Target tracking: High power illuminating continuous wave radar and passive optical

Rate of fire: 1 missile every 3 seconds

Sensors: High power continuous wave radar (HIPIR)
Continuous wave acquisition radar (CWAR)
Pulse Acquisition Radar (PAR) and passive optical scan

Transport: C-130/C-141/C-5

Deployment:Firing Platoon: 2 Fire sections of
up to 3 Launchers per (1) PAR and (1) CWAR
3 missiles per launcher

Units: 2 active duty and 1 reserve Light Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion

Crew: Officer: 2 / Enlisted: 49


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